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  • Tips for Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter
    Tips for Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

    Never is there a time that you wish you’d paid more attention to your furnace than when it fails to start on the first col day of the season, or when you’re staring at expensive repairs or replacement come January. To avoid both of those......

  • Hot and Cold Spots
    How to Fix Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

    Some rooms in your house are too hot, and some rooms are too cold. No, you’re not acting like Goldilocks. Our HVAC technicians hear about this issue a lot during furnace and A/C service calls. After all, if you can’t be comfortable in your own......

  • A/C Maintenance
    5 Reasons To Get Your A/C Serviced

    You’ve heard the ads and seen the billboards, but why do you really need to have your A/C unit serviced? With homeownership comes too many responsibilities. Here’s why having your HVAC routinely serviced should be a priority. It increases the lifespan of your unit. From......

  • Air Conditioning
    Let the Ritual of Spring Cleaning and Air Conditioner Maintenance Begin

    Our HVAC technicians at Chief Heating & Cooling aren’t only experts at performing spring AC service, but they’re also homeowners, spouses and parents. When spring rolls around, they juggle ensuring air conditioners are in prime condition to keep our customers cool in the summer along......