Does My HVAC System Need Repair?

Does My HVAC System Need Repair?

25 Jan Does My HVAC System Need Repair?

“Does my HVAC system need repair?” The dreaded question on Lee’s Summit homeowners’ minds when their furnace starts making weird noises or they’re feeling colder than normal. Fingers crossed that it’s a simple fix, but if it’s not you can count on Chief Heating & Cooling’s HVAC experts for an honest answer and a fair price.

Signs That Warrant Having Our HVAC Technicians Take a Look

As your HVAC system works through each season and ages each year, there are bound to be some days when things just seem off. Some are normal and others should be checked out by an HVAC technician to avoid bigger problems and expenses in the long run. Not to mention make you more comfortable.

  1. The HVAC system is running differently than it used to. Do you notice it kicking on more? Is it running longer than usual? Or, is it doing both? These could indicate that your HVAC system has lost some efficiency, especially if it’s an older model. Depending on its age and condition, the repair could just involve changing the air filter. Older systems lose efficiency with time, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained. Dirty, clogged air filters can also reduce efficiency. An HVAC technician will pinpoint the reason for the change in how it’s running.
  2. Your home furnishings are getting excessively dusty or allergies are acting up. The causes for these range from a dirty air filter to the time of year, open windows, new pets and such. By matter of elimination, it could boil down to your HVAC system. If it’s not the time of year someone in your home suffers from allergies, there aren’t any new pets at home or you’ve kept the windows and doors shut, then it might be an issue with your filter or duct system. Chief Heating & Cooling can help you narrow down the cause, as well as make any repairs needed to keep dust and allergens under control.
  3. There is too much or too little humidity in the air. Too much humidity in the air and you’ll notice condensation on windows. Less obvious signs are allergic reactions to mold that thrives in humidity and asthma attacks. Too little humidity and you’ll notice being shocked when you touch things, dry skin, nose and throat. Eventually, HVAC systems age and aren’t able to control humidity levels like it once did. Your HVAC technician can determine the humidity level and offer solutions to make your home and you more comfortable in every season.
  4. Some rooms feel like Antarctica and others feel like the Sahara Desert. If your HVAC system hasn’t struggled in the past to evenly heat or cool your home, then noticeably different room temperatures can mean a few things. Your system might need maintenance, a fan cleaning and adjustment, or a new motor.
  5. You’re hearing out-of-the-ordinary noises. If you haven’t already, you will soon get used to the noises your HVAC system makes when it’s running. It gets to a point that you notice any noise that sounds strange. Call Chief Heating & Cooling if you hear loud banging, screeching, whirring, whistling or clanging. These noises usually indicate an issue that requires immediate attention from an HVAC expert.
  6. Your HVAC system is 15 years or older. Your HVAC system’s age plays a part in deciding whether it’s worth repairing or needs replacing. Older models get expensive in terms of efficiency (higher utility bills) and requiring more frequent repairs. A new HVAC system can save money in the long run via better efficiency and fewer service calls. Investing in a maintenance plan can make a new system last even longer.

Signing up for the Chief Protection Plan guarantees appointments, provides valuable services and discounts on repairs, and allows you to apply special discounts towards the purchase of special services or even a complete replacement system. Regular service of your equipment can save you money over the long haul in energy costs. In fact, as much as 30% per year. And regular service can extend the life of your system. Your membership will literally pay for itself year after year.

Trust Chief Heating & Cooling with Your HVAC System Repairs

If you notice any of the signs above, contact us sooner rather than later. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted, expert HVAC technicians. The sooner you know the cause of these signs, the sooner you’ll have the answers and repairs you need to be comfortable again.